Accredited test laboratory according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for measurements according to ISO 3095, ISO 3381, DIN EN ISO 3744, DIN EN ISO 3746, DIN EN 60268-16 und TSI:NOI, TSI:PRM. 



  • Measurements of stationary noise, pass-by noise, starting noise and driver's cab interior noise according to TSI:NOISE, TSI:HS and VDV 154 (ISO 3095, ISO 3381, DIN EN 15153, DIN EN 15892)
  • Measurement of vibrancy (DIN 45672-1, DIN 45672-2)
  • Measurement of Speech transmission index, doors audible warnings according TSI:PRM (DIN EN 60268-16, DIN EN 16584-2, DIN EN 14752)
  • Measurment of sound power of rail vehicle and component (ISO 9614, DIN EN 3744, DIN EN 3746, DIN EN 14033)
  • Roughness measurements of the track for TSI:NOISE and VDV noise measurments (DIN EN 15610)
  • Track decay rates measurements of the track for TSI:NOISE and TSI:HS noise measurements (DIN EN 15461)
  • Noise measurements for employment protection (DIN EN ISO 11201, ISO 1999)
  • Measurement of vibration for employment protection (DIN EN ISO 5349, DIN EN 14253, ISO 2631)
  • Measurment of vibration for the validation of of vibration isolation and blocked forces (ISO 7626, ISO 9611)
  • lighting measurment of rail vehicle (DIN EN 13272)
  • Measurement of vibration Stardamp for DBS 918290  (ISO 7626-5)

Also Measurement of extraordenary problem-solving are taken by ABW.

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The Acoustics Consulting Wiemers is flexibly accredited according to category III. The list of flexibly accredited standards can be downloaded here.

Hier the complet Annex  of the certificate document is given.